The Chainletter Tapes, by Mary Billyou in Afterimage: Journal of Media Arts and Cultural Criticism, vol. 44, no. 6.









Mixed Use is a series of articles I’m writing covering current film work which expands the traditional space of the cinema. Investigations include communications of “unofficial” culture, ephemeral pieces “not going anywhere,” bootlegs (and their sale), and the decay of “pink prints.” The emphasis is on small-scale productions emitting from satellite alternative spaces.

Mixed Use: MONO NO AWARE, The Brooklyn Rail, upcoming.

Mixed Use: ESP TV’s Unit 11The Brooklyn Rail, March 2017.

Mixed Use: Spectacle’s Trailers, The Brooklyn Rail, July/August 2016.




The Blind Field is the title of my extended essay on Peggy Ahwesh’s installation Kissing Point, recently published by The Journal of Digital Media Arts and Practice. The exhibition catalogue is available for purchase through Microscope Gallery.





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